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Why CheckIn?

Encourage, Empower, Engage

Who are we?

"Empowering the employee through intuitive technology."

Simple and intuitive, the CheckIn app is a powerful tool to help employers and employees.

2020 has seen remote working on the rise. ​ Whilst the benefits of flexible working are clear - it does not come without its challenges.

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Our mission

To enhance organisational wellbeing by amplifying the employee voice.

A lack of personal interaction with your workforce, team and colleagues can give rise to feelings of detachment & disengagement.

We're here to help.

A lack of visibility and insights into how your employees are really doing means that issues and frustrations are left to foster.


This leads to disastrous consequences for an organisation such as increased attrition and a sharp rise in employee turnover.

We're tackling miscommunication in the workplace

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The team at Davies & ServiceTick wished to create a practical solution to the challenges associated with remote working. 

CheckIn was designed to encourage and empower the employee voice and experience.


It intuitively bridges the gap between remotely working employees and leadership to facilitate clear communication.

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