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Engage employees through actionable insights

Get a snapshot into the daily experiences of your employees.  With customisable reporting features, you can obtain powerful insights into your organisation's wellness.

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Real Time Data

Pivot actions & behaviour based on employee driven data and feedback.

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Actions Algorithm

Empower managers to promote wellness and be an employee champion at work.

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HR Reporting View

Encourage & Empower Employees via intuitive moodtracker

Get insights into the wellbeing of your staff through our real-time mood-data.  MoodTracker allows your employees the space to provide swift and discreet feedback so that you can solve issues instantly.

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Rating System

Allow your employees to rate their mood and provide feedback in seconds.

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Continuous feedback loop

Employees can choose to escalate concerns so that you can detect issues quickly.

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Get a holistic picture of your workforces wellbeing via one system.

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CheckIn can help...

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Invest in your people to drive engagement and reduce employee turnover.

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Nurture your people to engage top talent and improve employee wellbeing.

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Connect with your people to increase satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.


Get what you need, spark a conversation and promote positive changes.

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Why employee health and happiness matters

Ready to make wellbeing your priority?