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An employee wellness and engagement app.

Foster connections with your employees in real-time, measure mood data and collect wellbeing insights to improve your business.

Encourage, Empower, Engage

Connect to Engage

CheckIn enables you to stay connected with your employees, managers, and leaders. 

Collect vital information into your organisation's wellbeing via our daily mood tracker and use insights to prioritise your people to increase engagement. 

Discover a new way to manage employee wellbeing.


Amplify the employee voice with our continuous, real-time feedback tool.


Promote an organisation-wide culture of wellbeing at home or the office.


Make informed, impactful decisions through employee-driven insights.

A People First Solution


Invest in your workforces' health and reap the rewards of a highly engaged workforce.


Obtain a holistic view of employee welfare and engagement from one system.


Take action with employee feedback to increase satisfaction and productivity.


Get what you need, spark a conversation and promote positive changes.

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Why employee health and happiness matters

Ready to make wellbeing your priority?

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